Release Date: 2016
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Description: In Bakersfield, California, Chip Baskets sets out on following his dream of becoming a professional clown. After failing to get a degree at a prestigious clowning school in Paris, he is stuck with a job at a local rodeo....


Season 3

baskets.S03E01:  720p.x265  | 480p  | 720p x264

baskets.S03E02:  720p.x265  | 480p  | 720p x264

baskets.S03E03:  720p.x265  | 480p  | HDTV.x.264

baskets.S03E04:  720p.x265  | 480p  | HDTV x264

baskets.S03E05:  720p.x265  | 480p  | HDTV x264

baskets.S03E06:  720p.x265  | 480p  | HDTV x264

baskets.S03E07:  720p.x265  | 480p  | HDTV x264

baskets.S03E08:  720p.x265  | 480p  | HDTV x264

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